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Basic Instinct
Michael Douglas

Basic Instinct
While investigating a mysterious death, San Francisco cop Nick Curran finds himself in a deadly triangle with three beautiful but dangerous women.

Black Rain
In BLACK RAIN, a dirty New York cop learns the value of honor from a Japanese cop who in turn learns about the benefits of not-so-subtle American assertiveness. Ridley Scott's thriller features a rarely seen side of Japan seething with mob violence, prostitution, homelessness, and near-peasant rural life.

Wall Street
Set during the height of the late 1980s insider-trading scandals, WALL STREET stars Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox, an ambitious young broker who falls under the spell of superbroker Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). Initially awed by the glitz and wealth of the older man, Bud is all too eager follow his commands, especially after enjoying their results.

War of the Roses
A black comedy about a wealthy couple embroiled in a bitter divorce. Oliver Rose is a successful lawyer; his wife Barbara has been a committed homemaker with a flair for interior decorating. Together they created a home that looks like something off the pages of "House Beautiful." But after their two kids grow up and leave home, Barbara decides that their perfect marriage isn't so perfect anymore and wants out.

American President
Fatal Attraction
Jewel of the Nile
Romancing the Stone

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